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NOTE: The data displayed on this page (in the form of images) is not my own and is published here with permission from NOAA. I am in no way endorsed by or affiliated with NOAA or NWS. Click here to see their disclaimer.

Source: NOAA/NWS/NCEP GFS forecasts.

If the data below has the incorrect date, then the model might be updating or there is a problem with the model output.

The GFS model is a global numerical model and as a result has a relatively low resolution (~13km first 10 days and ~35km for forecasts beyond 10 days) and therefore cannot necessarily resolve small-scale features (e.g. small topographical effects or even thunderstorms) accurately. Because of this, rainfall totals beneath thunderstorms can sometimes be quite a bit higher than forecast by the model. Similarly, temperatures can be greatly affected by very small-scale wind flow patterns, either up or down mountain slopes.  Therefore, my suggestion is that the fields shown below should be used as a guideline for conditions that could be expected.

If the model has run and updated correctly, “Day 1” should be Today’s rainfall, “Day 2” for tomorrow, etc.

24hr Total Rainfall
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