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Krugersdorp Hailstorm – 9 Jan 2016
Featured Image via cindyseeber (Twitter)

On Sat 9 Jan 2016 a storm developed over the Westrand which quickly turned severe. It resulted in millions of Rand in damage across Krugersdorp (the hardest hit), Hartbeespoort and Brits areas. After checking the radar data on Mon 11 Jan, it can be confirmed that the storm was in fact a supercell.

It (apparently) started out with heavy rain and large amounts of small hail and then intensified further producing large hail.

What accentuated the intensity of the storm was the fact that it was extremely slow moving (for a typical storm of such severity). This resulted in accumulations of hail about 30-50 cm deep, in places.

Soon flat/low-angled roofs began to collapse under the weight of the hail. The Key West Shopping Center has one such roof and one-lookers watched as part of it collapsed, injuring at least 5 people.

The storm moved further N towards Hartbeespoort where lightning reportedly set the deck of Harties cable way bar alight.

The waterfall in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens (below Krugersdorp) also looked spectacular as a result of the heavy rain.

There was a storm to the E that put out gustfront with a pretty spectacular shelf cloud associated with it.

Below is a collection of photos and videos.


Hail falling in Krugersdorp


Hail accumulations


Key West Shopping Center partial roof collapse


Police carports collapsed


Carport roof collapses onto car


Damage from large hail


Deck of Harties cable way ablaze


Walter Sisulu waterfall


Shelf cloud over OR Tambo airport


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